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Goodbye for now

2011-06-14 17:42:50 by Darkmaster603

I'm going to be taking a break from the newgrounds audio portal. My current situation in life has made it impossible for me to play, let alone write any music.

not that I have a following anyways, but if you're a random person who stumbled upon my music and haven't seen anything new from me, I'm taking a break.

Hopefully I'll be back sooner than I think.

New series of Sonic the Hedgehog covers coming soon!

2011-04-08 18:00:16 by Darkmaster603

Hey guys, I've recently remembered why I wanted to start making music. When I was in elementary school me and my friends would always play the sonic games, especially the genesis titles (Sonic 1,2,3, Sonic and Knuckles, etc...). I always loved the music and the whole inspiration to start playing guitar was so I could play the music from the Sonic series.

So this is the first in a series of covers from sonic games. Please 5 and download it! Hell, if you're feeling ballsy review it. /412160

Any suggestions on what zones to do would be awesome, I mean I have my favorites but there are so many to choose from.

New account, new audio!

2011-03-17 12:26:41 by Darkmaster603

I've decided to make a new account for certain audio I don't want on this one. I was doing some readings of different stories when someone asked me to read this. Here is the full story /406907
(Don't forget to 5 and download it)

Sonic tenderly swirled his little pink tongue around inside his lover's hole, sweetly caressing and teasing the rim of his sphinter. Shadow cried out in extasy and awe as Sonic knew exactly where to make him feel deliciously vulnerable. Sonic gave Shadow's ass a little love bite as he pulled his long tongue out of the dark hedgehog's hole and down his taint all the way to his testicles. He fondled them carefully before giving them a light squeez, sendind shivers of extasy down both of their spines. Sonic's cock was aching for some penetration, although he had already done so several ties that day, each orgasm more intense than the last. Shadow turned to him and gave him the sexiest, most smuldering stare he could mustar

"Are you thinking what I'M thinking?" He asked, raising an eyebrow.

Sonic was silent for a moment, almost to horny to speak. So he let his large, robust hegehog cock do the talking for him.

His cock plunged headfirst into the tight black asshole, furiously pumping against the suction of the tight little hole.

"Gotta go fast" Sonic kept muttering to himself, as he often did during this part. It amused Shadow to no end.

The wet popping and slurping sounds of hedgehog penetration fit well with the chorus of sweet moans and groans, until finally the big moment (literally) came: an explosion of cum, like a grenade, burst from Sonic's balls and out his penis, filling his lover's cavity with warm, sweet gooey love. Shadow was cumming so hard he was screaming in what sounded almost like agony. So loud that surly everyone in the hotel must have heard him. It was the loudest thing Sonic had every heard. It was the sound... of love.

I've killed my own childhood memories.


2010-11-29 23:36:18 by Darkmaster603

I have submitted my entry for a youtube contest at ivy tech community college. I have no way to come up with the money required for this semester, and I just found out about this contest a couple days ago. The winners are based on the most views, so I really need your help on generating views. If you can, send it to everyone you know. Watch it a few times a day, or at least visit the page.

/* */
PLEASE help me out here, I love newgrounsd and I know the community is capable of helping me. I need to beat over 37,000 views for a chance at victory.

If I don't get this, I literally have NO FINANCIAL AID.

An interesting dream I had

2010-10-25 06:03:45 by Darkmaster603

The purpose of me typing this is so I would not forget anything. I didn't write this in an easy to read format, or story telling format.

Background information. I'm 19, and a musician. I live in a city that doesn't offer much in my as far as my career goes (classical guitar, or music in general).
I'm dating a 16 year old (almost 17) who's immature a lot of times, and doesn't have any plans whatsoever for her future, and plans not to have any plans.
She also hates my music, and likes shitty bands like breathe carolina and blood on the dancer floor.
All of the BG info applies:

It starts off with me driving. Some reason I'm trying to get to another city or state, I think I'm trying to get to a bigger city.
I drive through this small town in the country when half way through it my cars tire goes flat and some sort of belt in my car comes undone.
I pull over to the side of the road and try to fix it. I'm near a lake and what looks like other peoples houses. Anyways, I'm fixing my car
When someone asks if I'm having trouble. I tell them no and I'm fixing it. I talk to the neighbors beacuse they came out to say hi or something,
then after a few minutes I turn around to see that women who asked me if I was having trouble actually towed my car away. I feel this part of my
dream served no real purpose, except maybe why I stayed in the town for so long instead of leaving.

[Some reason the town is called goodsprings, maybe it's because I've been playing too much new vegas.]

I go around to meet everyone in town. It's a small town, but at (later) times it's a bigger town, very hard to describe. Anyways, I go and meet
some people, and become friends with a lot of the people around my age (At the time I think I'm a bit older than 19, maybe early twenties). There is an
older asian guy (probably 30's or 40's), and really attractive girl who looks out of place in a town like in my dream, another girl who reminds me of
another friend of mine, and two guys I can't remember much about. They ask what I do, yadda yadda, tell them I play guitar. I actually had two of
my nylon string guitars and an electric guitar and an amp with me. I play them some stuff on both, but I get the feeling they like the electric more.

[I think some stuff happened between this point and the next, but I forget what happened. I don't even remember if it just cut straight to this.]

The scene changes to night all of the sudden, and me and the group of friends with a couple other people are hanging out in this tall, fancy building.
It's obvious there is a party going on. I forget what exactly happens that night but we all realize we have a "thing for one another".
By that I mean one guy likes the other girl and vice versa. I'm going to call everyone by a number, because I forget their names. I thought girl 1
liked guy 1, and I know that girl 2 likes guy 2. [The thing I didn't know until later is, guy 1 likes girl 1 (the attractive one), but girl 1 likes me.
I felt like the 5th wheel.]

Moving on.

after the party we are all sitting outside on a grassy hill and looking ast the stars in the sky. Everyone is laying down and looking up, and we are
sitting in a circle with our heads in the center. as we are just relaxing, I pull out my classical guitar and start playing. It feels like a nice moment,
one you could only ever dream of (lol). Then they ask me "Andrew, why don't you just stay here?" I tell them I can't, that I never got the exposure I needed
from my home city, which is why I was leaving for a bigger one [I think I was jsut going to stay in the bigger city for a little bit, because I
planned on going back]. The attractice girl tells me "You should consider just living here. It's a nice place full of nice people."

[Scene changes to a rainy day, we are in a huge building, kind of a warehouse store with a big pavilion.]

We are hanging out, and this time the asian guy is with us. We are all wearing some sort of jacket or poncho, we are dressed for the weather. The
asian guy wants to hear me play some electric guitar and I just kind of play some stuff for him, and he asks me a whole bunch of questions about it.
(beginning isn't really relevant to anything)

I think I got my car fixed and was heading home (I had called and my family knew where I was). The girl said to me I should stay here, with her and
everyone else. She said "It's a good place to settle down. its nice and quiet, noone knows who you are here. You can be whoever you want. We all have our
demons, and it's a good place to bury them"

I tell her and everyone that I love them, but I need to get going. [It's then that I realize girl1 likes me.]

On the ride home, I think about what girl 1 says. [It has her saying what she told me as a narrative, with different scenes played over them. I feel
this is a powerful moment so I'll try to type it the best I can]

"It's a good palce to settle down."
(video is of houses and families in their front yards looking happy

"It's nice and quiet, noone knows who you are here, you can be whoever you want"
(video is of the sherrif or priest holding group picture of gang members)

"We all have our demons, and it's a good place to bury them"
(Asian guy has an army helmet and woodland BDU's with dog tags on a maniquin, with him sitting across the room looking at them in a blank stare)

I get home and I'm talking to my mother and girlfriend. My mom asks me how it was there, and I said it was pretty good. She asked me if I would ever want to
live there. I tell her I don't know. She asks what I plan for the future. I tell her "Well, I really want to get somewhere that can open doors for me,
but I want to be know....I wouldn't mind just living in good...springs" She laughs and says I should do what makes me happy. Julie then says
"you know, its funny that we are planning to lvie together in another town, we are only kids!" I get angry, and say "I'm not a fucking teenager,
I'm an adult now. You're the only kid here. You'll always be a kid even after you grow up." I tell my mother I'm leaving for goodsprings, and she said
"Do whatever makes you feel happy" and gives me a hug goodbye.

I get back to goodsprings and everyone is happy to see me. I get there and tell everyone I'm going to stay. Girl1 asks if I really think this is what
I want. I tell her that what I really want is to be with her, and we kiss.

Fade to black

End dream

Wow, that was way more then I wanted to type but I needed to write this down ASAP. I interpret my dream as

Me being worried about my future with music
My girlfriend being too immature for me
I forgot to mention, but I have never liked moving (I've lived in the same city of whole life), so I think my dream is telling me I may be happy if I decide to move.

I'd love to hear your interpretation. This dream has left me sad and depressed, but at the same time I feel informed.


2010-09-23 13:41:03 by Darkmaster603

to listen to this new 10 minute suite and vote 5?

Sure you are. /364141

Madness day

53xy83457 Made a madness day game and used a very old song by me. It was one of my first songs and featured the musically and technologically advanced "Realistic Sound Engine" on Guitar Pro 5.2

Check it out and vote 5


2010-07-28 14:01:03 by Darkmaster603

It's so hard to build a fanbase, on here and youtube. My most views on youtube are at about 200, how do you get more views?

I am starting to post simple etudes for classical guitar. These are mostly sonatinas and preludes, but I think its a good exercise and sounds good. You can pm me your email address or email me at for the tabs/sheets.

Also, I'm offering my services as a classical guitar player, but I can play any style of music, even electric. I know my etudes may have some mistakes, but those are one take recordings for myself, I will have everything perfect for anyone else besides me

classical guitar recording

2010-04-04 01:56:46 by Darkmaster603

I'm starting college. I'm majoring in music, but specifically classical guitar. So if anyone has any classical guitar tracks they want recorded, shoot me a PM and I'll try to get to them ASAP. My schedule is pretty packed atm, but I have moments where I want to record something and have nothing to record.

New album artwork!

2009-11-07 19:02:54 by Darkmaster603

Just uploaded my upcoming EP album's artwork. I need some suggestions for an album name.

What are your suggestions?